Mixed Dozen
  • Mixed Dozen

    13 Freshly baked cookies with 4 choices.  3 of each flavor you choose will be packaged and boxed. ( 4 Cookies from Flavor 1- Choose wisely!)

    • Product Info

      Our cookies are baked fresh for your order. 

      They are best if consumed within 6 days of being ordered. 

      They freeze really well in their individual packaging and can survive 3 months in the freezer! 


      If you love fresh baked cookies... try warming them in the microwave for 5 +/- seconds. You will not be disapointed.

    • About the Flavors

      Classic Chocolate Chip- A perfect balance between crunchy and chewy with the right ratio of semi sweet chocolate chips.


      Chippy Chocolate Chip- The classic with a salty twist. This cookie is loaded with salted kettle chips, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with some more chips.


      Reverse Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cream- a rich chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips, made extra special with oreo pieces and rolled in rainbow sprinkes. A great birthday treat. Or ... just ... to ... eat!


      Poppin Pebbles- Fruity pebbles, baked into a cookie! Drizzled with white chocolate and sprinkled with more pebbles and pop rocks.


      Raz Jam- A delicious sugar cookie, baked with raspberry jam inside. 


      FlufferNutter- The sanwich we all know and hopefully love, but cookie style! A chewy peanut butter cookie, swirled with fluff.


      Mapledoodle- We are in VT afterall. A chewy doodle cookie, baked with maple syrup and homemade maple sugar inside. Rolled in that same maple sugar for a little crunch.


      Psychedelic S'more- A homemade tie dyed marshmellow, baked into a graham flavored cookie, with white chocolate. 


      Brown Butter Butterfinger- Chunks of Butterfinger baked into and on top of a tasty brown butter cookie.


      Lemon Krinkle- A lemony fresh cookie, rolled in powdered sugar for a sweet and slightly tart bite.


      Oatmeal M&M - The classic, minus the raisins (sorry to the raisin lovers) with M&M's instead! Loaded with chocolate ganache!


      Lavendearl Grey- A sugar cookie, flavored with earl grey tea, and a hint of lavender, drizzled with dark chocolate.


      Gluten Free FlufferNutter- Same as above, substituted with Gluten Free Flour. 


      Vegan Chocolate Chip- Vegan tested and approved! Similar to our Classic, but with a few changes, such as a vegan sugar, and a vegan butter.